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History and Background Mama Zelphina Maposela (founder & Director) moved to Nyanga from the Eastern Cape in 1974. She had always been interested in community development and worked for years with community health programs focused on home-based care towards patients suffering from tuberculosis (TB), and HIV/AIDS.
Mission and Vision Our mission is to provide education, food, and a safe home/shelter with a secure, loving environment for abandoned, abused, orphans, vulnerable children, and those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. We strive to work towards providing children with the best possible quality of life.
Programmes Emasithandane has decided to come up with programmes for the children living at Emasi and those who are living in the community. The aim is to keep them active, busy and energetic.


kidsEmasithandane – affectionately known as Emasi – is a home/shelter that provides education, food and extra moral programming, for orphans; abandoned, abused and otherwise vulnerable children; and those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Currently there are 39 children living at Emasi, and the home provides a community feeding kitchen for an additional 25 children in the community.

We also run soccer activities for over 80 children from the community. We have managed to move forward through the best and worst of times. Working under extremely high rates of unemployment, crime and overcrowding, our children face many obstacles. But despite these problems, our organisation continues to develop new strategies to improve the development and improvement in this community, which are guided by our organisational objectives and vision.

Needs List

Emasithandane keeps an ongoing list of the most pressing needs at our home at any time. Please click here to see how you can help!

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Block 6 No 3
Sithandatu Ave, Mthandeki Street
Nyanga East, 7755
Cape Town
(Opposite to Nyanga Community Health Centre/Clinic)
Mr. Mbuyisi Sithole
Managing Coordinator
+27 (0) 73 5181 763
Mrs. Zelphina Maposela
Founder & Director 
+27 (0) 76 1948 737

    Email address:

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